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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Leupold® VX-Freedom UltimateSlam™ Scope - 3-9x40mm SABR Reticle - 174184

Leupold® VX-Freedom UltimateSlam™ Scope - 3-9x40mm SABR Reticle - 174184

by Leupold

The ideal combination of flexibility, accuracy, and
durability for modern muzzleloaders. (3-9x40mm)

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$299.99 - $299.99
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SKU 174184


The Leupold® VX Freedom™ UltimateSlam Muzzleloader 3-9x40mm Scope is the ideal combination of flexibility, accuracy, and durability for any modern muzzleloader. 

Multicoat 4: Light reflecting off lens surfaces diminishes image quality. So Leupold® engineers developed Multicoat 4®: a proprietary lens coating system to keep image quality pristine. Multicoat 4 greatly increases the amount of all available light that reaches your eye, while at the same time, it minimizes the reflections of the sky on the outer eyepiece. You’ll never be able to control the light, but with Leupold’s Multicoat 4, you can always make the most of it.

Quantum Optical System: The Quantum Optical System™ is a leap forward and provides a new level of optical performance for hunters and shooters. This system delivers new levels of performance in every optical category. Lead free, ecologically friendly glass compositions are used throughout—the geometry of each lens is maximized through a combination of Ze-max® design software and evaluation using Leupold’s Zygo® Interferometer to minimize wave front error and increase resolution. The result is razor sharp imaging across the typical light conditions experienced on any hunt—from the bright daylight of varmint to the dawn and dusk hours when big whitetails are on the move. By repositioning optical elements, employing new coatings and importantly, leaving key, time-tested mechanical aspects of the Vari-X system untouched, significant performance gains have been achieved in many other areas as well. The Quantum Optical System has greatly enhanced light transmission, resolution and color fidelity—all while preserving the ease of use and nearly indestructible ruggedness that has been a hallmark of Leupold rifle scopes for generations. 

Generous Eyebox: The generous eyebox makes it faster and easier to set your eye behind the riflescope and achieve a full, clear sight picture. Setting up for longer shots, you'll appreciate the flexibility it affords, and in close up big game or dangerous game situations, the quick target acquisition will be the difference maker. At high power, the longer eye relief and more generous eyebox gives you incredible head position latitude and an improved sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely - putting you in better position to make the shot of a lifetime.

BAS (Ballistic Aiming System): Leupold’s® Ballistics Aiming System™ is comprised of five specialized reticles – Boone and Crockett® Big Game, Varmint Hunter’s, LR Duplex, LRV Duplex, and the new SA.B.R. reticles – which take into account the variables crucial to accurate, long-range shooting. A special ballistics indicator ring allows users to customize their power settings for their cartridge ballistics, then saves that setting for easy reference in a hunting situation. With multiple aiming points for longer ranges and varying wind speeds, and infinite power selector settings to match your rifle ballistics, the Ballistics Aiming System can help you master the art of accurate, long-range shooting. It has proved so successful in helping hunters learn how to shoot accurately at long range, Leupold expanded your BAS options with additional reticles offering many of the same benefits as the original reticles. They also made them available in more riflescopes than ever. With practice, the Ballistics Aiming System will teach you how to gauge the distance to your target, where to place your reticle for that distance, and even how to compensate for wind deflection. With the Ballistics Aiming System and some practice, you’ll consistently make shots you wouldn’t have attempted in the past.

1/4 MOA Finger Click: Finger click adjustments for windage and elevation (¼-MOA) offer absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime of extreme use (metric adjustments – 1 cm per click).


Coated Optics
Optical System
Dry Nitrogen Filled
Lockable Fast-Focus Eyepiece
Expanded Eyebox
Zoom Ratio
3:1 ZOOM
Custom Shop Serviceable
Tactical Power Selector
Material Composition
Click Value @ 100 Yards
1/4 M.O.A.
Lens Covers
Lifetime Limited Warranty


Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fred S.
Leupold MZ Scope

This thing is awesome! Would highly recommend it to any MZ shooter, especially the hunter looking to shoot between 100-300 yards.

William W.
Great scope

Great scope, didn’t expect anything less from Leupold. Talk to both Leupold and Muzzle-loader twice and you guys were very helpful.Very fast shipping. Very highly recommended. Mounted on top a Knight KP1 muzzleloader.

Why did I wait so long

Well folks I finally got my crab together and bought a Leupold scope I mounted it on a brand new CVA accura the scope was a freedom scope with Leupold rings took me 5 shots to sight it in it's a really nice rig the scope is so so clear when I sighted it in it tracked beautiful bottom line on October 22nd I got to babtise the scope and gun in pa first week anterless muzzle season on the last day in the morning the accura barked and I got a very large Doe a 250 grain Barnes expander hit it's mark the deer went 15 feet but the Barnes bullet have never let me down ok folks thanks and good luck


I like this scope with the S.A.B.R retical. Not too busy and good for a few hundred yards. Looks nice too. Can’t beat the glass. Great lighting!

It's a leupold

One of the best optics out there in my opinion.