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Lyman™ Black Powder Gold Lube - 1-1/4 oz. Stick

Lyman™ Black Powder Gold Lube - 1-1/4 oz. Stick

by Lyman

Lube reduces leading of cast bullets
Conditions your bore for ultimate accuracy

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The Lyman™ Black Powder Gold Lube eliminates leading and improves the accuracy of cast bullets. Blackpowder Gold™ Lube is specifically designed for blackpowder cartridges and can be applied by hand to muzzleloader bullets. The 150 degree melting point makes the lube ideal for long range match shooting. This hollow stick is 1" x 4" and flows through lube sizers effortlessly although a lube heater is recommended for best results. 

Item Specs:

Material: Special Blend designed for blackpowder cartridges 
Quantity: 1 stick 
Melting Point: 150 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Container:Plastic tube 
Features: Works with bench mounted lubri-sizers that accept 1" x 4" lube sticks
Notes: Lube heater is recommended for best results 


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