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Muzzleloader 4-in-1 T-Loader - MZ Speed Loader - MZ1509

Muzzleloader 4-in-1 T-Loader - MZ Speed Loader - MZ1509

Speed Loader, Powder Measure, Bullet Starter, & Palm Saver All-in-One
Designed for use with .38 - .54 caliber muzzleloaders

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The Muzzle-Loaders™ 4-in-1 T-Loader is a great piece of equipment to have on hand when out in the field. The loader functions as a speed loader, short starter, palm saver and powder measure all in one tool and is designed for .38 cal up to .54 cal muzzleloaders. The bullet compartment has been redesigned to accommodate longer bullets, such as the PowerBelt ELR, Federal BOR Lock, Thor 300-grain bullets, and more!

When it comes to using muzzleloaders in hunting scenarios it is important to have all of the tools and accessories needed to properly load and maintain the rifle. It is equally important to ensure the gear you choose to bring is light-weight and easy to pack to avoid being overloaded with gear. The 4-in-1 T-Loader is specifically designed with field use in mind. By having the t-loader tool in your possibles bag you eliminate the need to carry 4 separate tools normally required to achieve the functions of this one tool, cutting down on weight and clutter in your gear bag.

The powder measure function of the t-loader features a graduated volumetric marking system on the side of the loader. The loader can accommodate up to 140 grains of loose or pelletized black powder, additionally, the powder is kept separate from the bullet avoiding messy loads and allowing for the use of loose and pelletized powder. The t-loader tool also features a short 3/4" bullet starter that is integrated on the side of the loader for getting bullets started down the barrel. Located right next to the short starter is a recess in the loader that allows the user to slide the t-loader over the end of a ramrod and use it is a functional palm saver. On the opposite side of the powder compartment is a sperate bullet compartment that houses the projectile of your choice. Both ends of the speed loader are sealed by solid rubber caps that keep your powder and bullet dry and ready for rapid deployment.

All of these great features come together to make the Muzzle-Loaders™ 4-in-1 T-Loader a great tool for muzzleloader hunters everywhere, offering convenience and dependability in performance. Ensure you are ready for your next hunt with the right gear by adding the 4-in-1 T-Loader to your muzzleloading outfit.


To Fill T-Loader

1. Open covers on both ends of the loader & place projectile into the small compartment & close the cover.

2. Pour blackpowder or Pyrodex into measuring compartment using graduations displayed on the loader & close cover securely.

To Deploy Load

1. Open compartment containing powder and pour into the muzzleloader barrel.

2. Open compartment containing projectile, remove projectile and place the projectile in the muzzle.

3. Use built-in short starter to start projectile down the bore.

4. Place the end of the ramrod into the T-Loader recess and use as a palmsaver to push projectile down to powder charge.

5. Make sure the projectile is seated firmly against the powder charge before removing ramrod and firing the muzzleloader.

***Always ensure your muzzleloader is unloaded before loading. Never leave the ramrod in the barrel when firing.


Bullet Starter
Powder Storage
Palm Saver


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jeff C.
New design is awesome

Fits ELR bullets and longer projectiles!

Jeff C.
Awesome Loader

Works great! Very happy I went with this loader.

Work Great

work great, no problems or misfires

Jeffrey S.J.
Add these Tweeks

Increase the length of the projectile compartment. Cap will not fit on all the way as it is now. Add a primer holder and get rid of the static causing the BH 209 powder to cling to the inside of the tube.

Jeffrey S.J.
Should be a 5 star

This item is perfect for keeping everything in one place for a quick follow up shot. Features for starting and loading are quite handy. I would have given it a 5 except for the static in the tube causing the loose powdered to cling to the inside of the tube. This results in some powder missing going down the barrel. If I can get rid of the static charge it would be perfect.