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Muzzle-Loaders™ Muzzle Brake - For .40 & .45 Calibers - 3/4x20 Threads - MZ1504

Muzzle-Loaders™ Muzzle Brake - For .40 & .45 Calibers - 3/4x20 Threads - MZ1504

.40 & .45 Caliber Muzzle Brake - 3/4x20 Threading
Fits .40 & 45 caliber CVA Paramount & Accura

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The Muzzle-Loaders™ muzzle brake is the best brake for black powder muzzleloaders on the market. This brake has been engineered and machined to ensure top-tier accuracy and precision down range, while dramatically reducing recoil.

The brake is self-timing, meaning you do not have to take it to a gunsmith to have it properly installed. We include easy-to-follow installation instructions on the packaging for quick reference, we have also included the installation instructions as a backup.

When it comes to recoil reduction it is tough to beat a directional brake. Our side-ported brake reduces recoil by up to 60% and has the added benefit of rapid smoke dispersion. For black powder hunting it is imperative to clear the smoke out quickly to ensure the target animal went down. The Muzzle-Loaders™ brake has been meticulously field tested by our experts and we can confirm that the smoke clears fast and is dispersed out to the left and right of the muzzleloader ensuring a clear lane of sight directly in front of the muzzle.

One of the main concerns with muzzle brakes on a muzzleloader is accuracy. With belted bullets such as Powerbelt and the newer Hornady Bore Driver series bullets increasing in popularity, we had to ensure the brake would not catch the plastic base of these projectiles. Our brake has been engineered to accommodate these popular belted bullets without any interference in performance and recoil reduction.

Please note our muzzle brake is NOT compatible with sabot bullets. Unfortunately, there was no way to make the brake work with plastic sabots.

We do recommend using any full-bore bullet such as the Federal B.O.R Loc, the Thor Bullets, or any of the Powerbelt or Hornady Bore Driver lineup.

This brake has been tested with Blackhorn 209, Hodgdon Triple 7 FFG, and Pyrodex Select RS powder out of the CVA Accura series rifles. We can confirm that with a properly dialed load, you can expect 1" groups at 100 yards or tighter when using the brake. This is the same specs as the rifle which provides conclusive evidence that the brake does not decrease the accuracy or precision of the muzzleloader.

Here at, we strive to bring top-tier muzzleloading products to the market to help improve the experience of every muzzleloader hunter, shooter & reenactor in the country. Be sure to let us know what you think of any of our products, we want to hear your feedback! We would also love to hear your ideas, if you have any product in mind that we are not currently manufacturing please let us know and we may be able to bring it to market!

Installation Instructions:

1.) Screw the timing nut firmly against the brake.

2.) Thread the brake onto the threaded muzzle until it is hand-tight.

3.) Unthread the brake until it is level with the rifle barrel. (We recommend using a level on the flat portion of the brake to ensure proper orientation).

4.) Thread the timing nut firmly against the barrel. The brake will tighten firmly against the barrel when complete. (We recommend firmly holding the brake in place to ensure proper orientation).


.40 & .45 Caliber
Compatible Rifles
Threading 3/4X20
American Made


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