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Muzzle-Loaders Wooden Bullet Starter w/ Brass Loading Tip - MZ1499

Muzzle-Loaders Wooden Bullet Starter w/ Brass Loading Tip - MZ1499

A must for shooters seeking maximum accuracy
Adapts to most tipped point bullets

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The™ Bullet Starter helps you load any bullet quickly and easily. Many tight fitting black powder projectiles, especially sabots, must be virtually hammered down the bore in order to get them to seat correctly. This abuse causes damage to the bullet tip. Any deformation of the bullet tip during the loading process will destroy the aerodynamic integrity of the bullet. Commonly, most of the damage done to the bullet tip is done after the projectile is in the barrel. Thus, many shooters never figure out why their hollow or polymer points are producing inconsistent groups. 

The Muzzle-Loaders Bullet Starter solves these problems. The Muzzle-Loaders™ starter comes with a concave brass loading tips that engages the bullet around the polymer point. Any projectile can be loaded without damaging the bullet tip, ensuring that the perfect bullet you start down the barrel stays that way until it hits the target. The Bullet Starter comes with one solid brass loading tip to fit almost all tipped point bullet designs.


1. Determine which tips fit the bullet you are using. The hollow point tips should reach the base of the hollow cavity, use the concave tips for polymer tipped bullets.

2. Thread the tip into both the long and short starter on the bullet starter.

3. Place the projectile so that the tip engages the projectile.

4. Place the bullet starter with the adapter tip over the projectile so that the tip engages the projectile.

5. Press the handle to start the bullet into the barrel.

6. Use the long starter to push the projectile further down the barrel.

7. Use the ramrod to fully seat the projectile against the powder charge.

***Ensure the muzzleloader is unloaded before loading. Never lean over or stand in front of the muzzle at any time. Always ensure the projectile is firmly seated against powder charge when loading.


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