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Muzzleloader Flex Loading Speed Clip - 3 Magnum Tubes - MZ1601

Muzzleloader Flex Loading Speed Clip - 3 Magnum Tubes - MZ1601

Flex Loader, holds magnum powder charge & bullet
.50 caliber loader accommodates up to 4 Pyrodex pellets

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The® Flex Speed Clip Loader contains everything you’ll need for three backup muzzleloader shots, all in a compact, easy-to-tote carrier. The durable Flex Speed Clip holds three loading tubes, each capable of accommodating a magnum projectile and charge. When a backup shot is needed, a loading tube is pulled out of the holder and dumped down the bore pellets first, followed by the projectile.

The Flex Speed Clip Loader also holds up to four 209 shotshell primers, and has a lanyard hole for attaching it to your possibilities bag or pouch. The® Flex Speed Clip Loader is constructed from special silicone material that remains pliable even in the most frigid conditions. Loading in the field doesn’t get any easier than this. The Flex Speed Clip Loader is designed for .50 Cal. or .45 Cal. rifles and accepts magnum charges of three Pyrodex® pellets with a bullet.

How To Use:

1. First determine best performing pellets & bullet combination.

2. Load combo into the clear tubes (bullet tip toward the bottom), mark the tube 1/2” above the last pellet and cut the tube at this mark. Repeat for other tubes.

3. Pre-Load all three tubes and insert the open (powder) end into the flex speed clip. Store 209 primers in the primer holes at the front/top of the loader.

4. Attach the clip to your belt or sling using the attached belt loop on the back. Or attach lanyard string for wearing around your neck.

5. When ready to reload, simply remove one of the tubes from the clip, being sure to cover the open end with your thumb to prevent spillage. Then place the open end of the tube over the muzzle of the rifle and dump the contents into the barrel, being careful to properly align the bullet with your fingers.


.50 Caliber
Holds Bullets
Holds Powder
209 Primer Storage



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