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Muzzle-Loaders Lifetime Range Rod - MZ1633

Muzzle-Loaders Lifetime Range Rod - MZ1633

Solid & durable 3-piece range rod
Great cleaning your muzzleloader at the range

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$36.00 - $36.00
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SKU MZ1633


The Muzzle-Loaders Lifetime Range Rod helps you clean your rifle at the range. This solid brass range rod makes reloading and cleaning your muzzleloader much easier. The easy to grip, aluminum handle makes using this range rod a breeze. The lifetime range rod breaks down into three pieces, making it easy to store.

OAL: 33"

Rod Length: 31"

Handle Length: 2"

*Always use caution when loading a firearm


Durable Brass Construction
Works With All Muzzleloaders
Easy to Grip Handle
Overall Length
33" OAL (31" ROD LENGTH)


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
James H
excellent rod for the money

I used this range rod all day today as my loading rod. This is a quality rod. Heavy duty and stiff. Unlikely you are gonna bend this rod without really trying. It is just the right length so it is easy to handle but if you are shooting a long barreled custom reproduction or something with a custom barrel you will want to pay attention to the length needed. This may be too short for some. Only thing preventing a fifth star is the fact that the handle screws off rather than just rotate on a bearing. if you are not paying attention, it can fall off after several trips down the rifling. But as I am writing this I can imagine a scenario where this style of handle would be helpful so perhaps 4.5 stars. One suggested modification: Add a loading jag to the end so the rod can be used right out of the package. This would be a good customer service move keeping a new user from having to dig in a possibles bag looking for a loading jag or stealing one from one of their other rods. Good Job overall

jim morrison
Always Great

The only rod I use on my CVA Accura V2. Always great service and fast shipping which is free on accessories by the way. In need of help or parts I recommend M-L.Com

Every one needs one!!

Ok I mentioned everyone needs one because the brass rod I bought back in the late 80’s is starting to show the wear and tare on it it’s been a good one. My only issue with the new rod is my fingers are crossed hoping the new rod is made of the same material. I should mention I use the range rod for all practice and range visits that keeps the stock ram rod on the gun just for hunting..


Great customer service. I had an issue with the first one they sent, and they immediately sent me a functional rod. The rod is burly and heavy. I wish I could thread a bullet seater on one end and a cleaning jag on the other out of the box. Brass does strip off and get down the barrel without a crown protector/rod guide, which probably doesn't matter but annoys me. I anticipate it will last a lifetime or a few.

Roy Pacini
Lifetime range rod.

Good construction and easy to use at the range. Takes the work out of seating bullets. Also works great as a cleaning rod also.Works good with all my jags.