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Muzzleloader #11 Cap Straight-line Muzzleloader Capper - MZ1407

Muzzleloader #11 Cap Straight-line Muzzleloader Capper - MZ1407

#11 Percussion muzzleloader capper
Can hold 15 percussion ignition caps

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SKU MZ1407


The™ Straight Line Muzzleloader Capper is a great tool for shooters using #11 percussion cap ignitions. The solid brass capper keeps it simple by holding #11 percussion caps ready for precise dispensing to the nipple of any rifle. The capper's rectangular tube eliminates problems with tipped and jammed caps. The spring-loaded capper has a capacity of (15) #11 caps and makes for quick-easy loading in the field or at the range.

*Always use caution when loading a firearm


Loading Capper

1. Pull the thumb button to the rear and lock back with the metal loop.

2. Place a #11 percussion cap into the hole in the underside of the capper open end first.

3. Tip the capper down to allow percussion cap to slide forward to the front.

4. Repeat this procedure until the desired number of percussion caps have been inserted.

5. Lift the metal loop to release the thumb button and spring.

Deploying Capper

1. Push the thumb button forward with slight pressure until a percussion cap is seated into the forward spring clip position.

2. Applying pressure to the thumb button, place the percussion cap over the nipple.

3. Pull the capper away from the nipple releasing the cap on the nipple.

Warning: Percussion caps may explode if subjected to intense heat, static electricity or excessive finger pressure, always wear safety glasses when handling percussion caps.


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