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Premium English Flints - 1/2" Flintlock Ignition Flints - 2 Pack - MZ1206

Premium English Flints - 1/2" Flintlock Ignition Flints - 2 Pack - MZ1206

2 Pack of 1/2" English standard flints
Reliable and strong sparking authentic flints

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SKU MZ1206


Muzzle-Loaders English Flints are ideally suited for use in traditional flintlock muzzleloaders. These flints are hand-knapped and are composed of high-quality sparking flint for reliable ignitions on every strike. The English Flint's shape and design are perfect for use in reenactments as well as general everyday shooting and hunting use.

To load a flint simply wrap the flint in a piece of leather and place the flint and leather between the jaws of the hammer. Gently tighten down the top jaw of the hammer until the flint is firmly clamped in place. To get the best performance out of the flints ensure that the striking edge makes perpendicular contact with the frizzen upon firing. Additionally ensure the leather piece is not interfering with the striking edge of the flint, trim the leather piece if needed. 

This English Flint pack comes with two 1/2" flints and we recommend carrying the extra as a spare when heading out to the field as it is always a good idea to have spare flints on any shooting or hunting outing.


Hand Knapped


Customer Reviews

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James R. (Paris, TN)
Received these today.

So, flints and jaw pads were in my mailbox today.
As promised, I put them to use...the flints were incorrectly sized to my Hawken Woodsman. This gun takes 5/8x3/4 to fully engage the frizzen width; without touching the barrel or bottoming out in the pan.
I received 1/2x5/8 which will create a groove in the frizzen and cannot create spark equal to the above described.
Now, that said; the jaw pads(3) are of a fair quality when referring to compressability and conforming to the various shaping on back of the flint. Which are like fingerprints (no two alike).
I'm not crazy about the smooth side(belt leather) but it seems to hold for now. If your selling flints in pairs...why three pads?
Okay, I compared some Missouri chert, and English flints(two different sources) under magnification.
The MZ1206 had several hairline cracks and a few inclusions as compared to the darker English flints I have, having no hairline cracks, chips but a small inclusion. Density of sedimentary grains seemed relatively the same. Missouri chert is another beast, but it works.
In conclusion, what I received from is adequate and will give you a bang for your buck(pun intended).
I would rather see more substantial jaw pads(slightly thicker) and not embossed.
Although the flint was undersized, it did produce spark.
IMHO, a deal breaker in terms of "catching the comsumers' eye" would include a few flints and jaw pads included with the prime the to say.