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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Thor™ Lightning Bullets - One Size - Full Bore Conical - 247 to 300 Grain Bullets

Thor™ Lightning Bullets - One Size - Full Bore Conical - 247 to 300 Grain Bullets

by Thor

15 Pack - Model 50300OS
.50 Caliber - 247 to 300 Grain Ballistic Tip

Original price $29.50 - Original price $82.99
Original price
$29.50 - $82.99
Current price $29.50
SKU 50247-OS
Grain: 15 Pack / 247 Grain


The Thor™ One Size Bullet is a patented, full bore diameter, conical bullet. The .50 caliber, ballistic tip, Thor™ Bullet is Colorado legal, which has some of the most rigorous regulations for muzzleloader projectiles. With 100% copper construction, the bullet is also certified legal non-lead in California. The Thor™ Bullets are built on a limited basis, and are manufactured by Barnes™ using their X Bullet® Technology of all copper construction with expansion technology of an integrated expansion ring specifically designed for loading and accuracy. The Thor™ Bullet is proven to be extremely accurate at longer ranges, while providing lethal expansion on deer and elk-sized game. 

The Thor™ Bullets are a premium Barnes bullet with proven technology. The bullet’s hollow base expands when the powder goes off, both gripping the rifling and sealing the bore.  These bullets actually shoot 75-100 grain FPS faster than a Powerbelt due to their superb sealing power. If it is a quality conical you are looking for that won’t fragment into a million pieces, one size fits all Thor™ Bullet is the way to go.

Please note the 247 and 297 grain bullets are the hollow pointed version of the 250 and 300 grain ballistic tipped bullets respectively.

 **** These bullets are designed to self-size to your bore, if your bore is .500" to .503" in diameter. Before purchasing your first pack of Thor™ Bullets, you first need to order a test sizing pack of 4 bullets of diameters of .500”, .501”. .502” and .503” which allows you to correctly size your bore. Although the One-Size bullets are universal, they may be too tight for barrels that are undersized. If you determine that your barrel is between .500 and .503, then the Thor Lightning bullets are for you. Otherwise, if your bore diameter is around .499 and .500, then we recommend going with the Thor Hammer bullets.


Bullet Weight
247 TO 300 GRAINS
Package Quantity


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Phred B.

Just what I ordered and it showed up fast

Excellent bullet

Shooting 2" groups at 100 yards with Cva accura "lighting" 300 bullets and 110 grains blackthorn

Great terminal performance-very consistent grouping

Use these in an older Knight Original Disc 22" barrel converted to bare 209 primers and globe front & rear peep site set up. With 100 gr of BH209 I'm getting consistent MOA or less groupings at 100 yards. I know I could / would tighten up the groups if I had more time but I was really just looking for minute of elk groups in the preseason rush. This past Sept during CO muzzleloader season I took a nice mule deer at 90 yards, off hand shot, dropped him where he stood, complete pass thru. Exit wound was a neat 3" hole.

I agree with the previous reviewer that these are a tight fit in my Knight Ultra Lite which prefers the .501 size Thors, which BTW also groups the same way with the same charge.

John K.
Bullets shoot consistently accurate at 100 yards using 3 difficult in line muzzleloaders, with se...

Hunting elk in Colorado with a couple of Knight Muzzleloaders and a Traditions Evolution. The Thor one size fit all shot consistently at 100 yards with a Knight DISC, Knight LK - 93 and a Traditions Evolution, often cutting the same hole and groups of about 1 to 2 inches. The one size fits all eliminates the need to shoot different bullets across different guns and using just peep sight is really quite remarkable to have that kind of accuracy without a scope.....shot approximately 50 rounds and after adjusting the sights was able to get the three guns to group at about 2" high at 100 yards in groups of 1 to 2 inches. Also note that I used Thompson Targets which help out substantially with a "blue" V notch target which gives you a good target at that distance.

richard s.

These are awesome bullets I enjoyed Barnes Muzzleloader bullets Spitfires to Begin with including all centerfire bullets, I am hitting bull's-eyes consistently out of a clean bore cold bore 200-yd with Blackhorn powder 110 grains filled my first 140 in buck in Illinois during their Muzzleloader season at 140 yd straight through the chest dead center it's stuck under the skin mid body on the other side broke 3 ribs it dropped in its tracks recovered 100% of the bullet under the skin on opposite side penetreted over 20".