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Traditions® EABCO PeepRib™ Peep Sights for Traditions Vortek & Pursuit - 127-815

Traditions® EABCO PeepRib™ Peep Sights for Traditions Vortek & Pursuit - 127-815


Sight fits Traditions Vortek and Pursuit muzzleloader rifles
Made in the USA - machined aluminum, rustproof sights

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SKU 127-815


The Traditions EABCO® PeepRib™ Aperture Sight is designed for Traditions Vortek and Pursuit muzzleloader rifles. The Traditions PeepRib™ Sight combines a precision aperture sight with a scope mounting base and works with both old and newer Traditions™ hole patterns. The EABCO™ Peep Sight allows you mount a scope on your rifle without upsetting your aperture sight. The Traditions PeepRib™ Sight is great for using a scope to fine tune your load accuracy, and is easy to remove the scope when hunting  where regulations don't allow it. The PeepRib™ Aperture Sight is engineered with precision adjustments for windage, elevation and also comes standard with a special HD aperture for the clearest possible sight picture.

Easy to mount to your rifle barrel with just four screws, or utilize the dovetail or existing screw holes on top of your receiver for quick installation. Sight your rifle in easier and faster with the compact, low profile peep sight. The Traditions® EABCO RibPeep™ Sights are machined from durable, lightweight aluminum and feature 7/32 X 40 threading on the sight aperture.

The EABCO™ PeepRib Sight is an advanced precision sight system for Traditions Muzzleloaders. The PeepRib® Aperture Sight is mounted as close to the shooters eye as possible, which removes a huge amount of aiming error by simply increasing the sight radius (distance between front & rear sights). The PeepRib™ Sight also reduces aiming error, as well as virtually eliminating light reflection. Lastly, the aperture itself improves the focus of your sight picture by funneling the available light through the aperture, just like a modern high-end cameras.

***EABCO® Sights are made of a durable metal housing.


Fits Traditions Muzzleloaders
Fits CVA Rifles