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Best Prices, Fast Shipping & Expert Advice!
Traditions™ Plinker Bullets - 20 Pack Saboted Muzzleloader Sight In Bullets - 240 Grain Lead

Traditions™ Plinker Bullets - 20 Pack Saboted Muzzleloader Sight In Bullets - 240 Grain Lead

20 pack - A1828
.50 Caliber, 240 Grain

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SKU A1828


Traditions™ .50 Caliber Plinker Bullets are made to help you sight in your muzzleloader quickly and inexpensively. These hollow point bullets impact remains virtually unchanged from other bullet of equal weight using an comparable powder charge.These saboted bullets are pure lead construction and weight 240 grains.

The Traditions Plinker Bullets are a good economic alternative for the range or sighting in. The 100% lead, hollow point solid base projectile has good expansion with 75% weight retention. 

  • Hollow point
  • Saboted bullet
  • Excellent expansion with 75% weight retention
  • 100% lead construction
  • 240 grains


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Started out muzzleloading with hornady sst’s as I shoot them in all my center fires but had quite a few pencil hole’s through deer. Decided if lead round balls killed deer for decades these should work fine considering my inline will shoot 1in or below groups out to 100 yards with these. Every single deer and that’s quite a few, that I have shot with these is dead within 20 yards at least that’s what all mine did but that varies as we all know. The mushroom on these bullets is unmatched I’ve recovered 3 from deer and all are around the .75-.80 inch diameter. Personally I will never spend another dime on any other muzzleloader bullet for plinking or hunting until I buy a muzzleloader that doesn’t like these then I’ll switch but only for that muzzleloader.

Pinker bullets

These bullets were great for zeroing my scope on my T/C bone collector muzzleloader. Easy to load and accurate. Used them with blackhorn 209 and got a 1inch group at 100 yrds!...also great for just all around shooting. I will buy more of these bulllets! cheap to shoot too

Good basic product

They arrived quickly and were exactly as promised. No frills basic slugs for practice.

Do what they say

Cheap bullets for plinking. No idea terminal performance, but felt they were fairly accurate (at least as much as my other XTP + Sabot types). My only real complaint is that, while easy to start, they were randomly hard to seat. Some were easy, others not. Didn't seem to depend on what I was doing in terms of cleaning between shots either. I also went through the whole lot of 20 on a 40 degree day, so take it for what it's worth.