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Need Expert Advice? Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000

Traditions™ Plinker Bullets - 20 Pack Saboted Muzzleloader Sight In Bullets - 240 Grain Lead

20 pack - A1828
.50 Caliber, 240 Grain

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SKU A1828


Traditions™ .50 Caliber Plinker Bullets are made to help you sight in your muzzleloader quickly and inexpensively. These hollow point bullets impact remains virtually unchanged from other bullet of equal weight using an comparable powder charge.These saboted bullets are pure lead construction and weight 240 grains.

The Traditions Plinker Bullets are a good economic alternative for the range or sighting in. The 100% lead, hollow point solid base projectile has good expansion with 75% weight retention. 

  • Hollow point
  • Saboted bullet
  • Excellent expansion with 75% weight retention
  • 100% lead construction
  • 240 grains



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