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Pietta™ Black Powder Pistol Loads

Pietta Pistols"What's load does Pietta recommend for my black powder pistol?"

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by black powder revolver owners. Here is some useful information that should help you begin the process of finding the right load for your pistol.

Black Powder Only

For your personal safety and that of all bystanders, all muzzleloader firearms are intended for use with BLACK POWDER ONLY. The use of smokeless powder or any other unauthorized propellant could result in damage to the revolver and/or injury to the shooter. F lli. Pietta s.n.c. and Gemmer & Clemens, Inc. will not be responsible for physical injury, death, or damage to property resulting from the use of improper propellant in black powder pistol loads.

Black Powder Loading Data

Make no mistake about it. Black powder is the ONLY propellant powder that is safe to use in a muzzleloader firearm. The reason behind using black powder only is quite basic, as it is related to firearm design. When used as a propellant, black powder generates relatively low breech pressure. Replica firearms, even with their modern steel barrels, are not designed to withstand the high pressure produced by modern smokeless powders. Also note, that black powder is measured by volume, not by weight.

Black Powder Granulations

  • 1F (or FG) - Largest granulation type, to be used mainly with big caliber rifles.
  • 2F (or FFG) - Used with .50 caliber firearms and .10, .12, .16 and .20 gauge side by sides.
  • 3F (or FFFG) - Standard pistol granulation, recommended for .31, .36 and .44 caliber revolvers.
  • 4F (or FFFFG) - Granulation used for flintlock primers only.

Recommended Black Powder Pietta Pistol Load Data

Use the following loading information to select the powder charge and ball diameter that is right for your black powder pistol.




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