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CVA™ Northwest Legal Rifles Handbook CVA™ Northwest Legal Rifles Handbook > CVA™ Northwest Legal Rifles Handbook

CVA™ Northwest Legal Rifles Handbook

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CVA ACCURA V2, OPTIMA & WOLF RIFLES featuring the "Northwest" Quick Removable Breechplug


This article is intended as a supplement to the Owner’s Manual that came with your CVA muzzleloader. The information in this article explains the use of the new CVA Northwest Breechplug that is not covered in the Owner’s Manual. All other information in the Owner’s Manual, with special emphasis on the Safety Information, is critical to the operation of your muzzleloader and must be adhered to carefully. If you do not have the Owner’s Manual for your muzzleloader you can view and print a copy from CVA’s web site here: CVA Manuals. You may also view supplemental instructional videos from CVA web site at: Black Powder Videos. Or, if you do not have access to the internet or prefer to have an original copy, you can contact CVA Customer Service and a copy will be mailed at no charge.

CVA NW Legal Breech Plug

Northwest Legal Rifles

The CVA Northwest breechplug addresses the needs of those hunters in the NW United States who are limited to the use of percussion caps and open breech systems. This patent-pending plug features an integral nipple for flanged musket caps, 4 vent holes to open the ignition to the elements and our Quick Release Breech Plug technology that assures tool-free removal of the breech plug even after dozens of shots. In use the only deviation from the instructions in your Owner’s Manual is the substitution of the musket cap in place of the #209 shotshell primer.

CVA NW Legal Musket Caps

Recommended Use

While testing these rifles, CVA testers had the best results with RWS musket caps and this is the cap we strongly recommend. We caution you to read the label of the caps you consider purchasing. Some musket caps are labeled “For Reenactment Use”. These caps lack the power to provide reliable ignition and should not be used. Sample containers of these products are pictures here:

CVA Northwest Legal Musket Cap

Cap Removal

Many caps will fall freely from the nipple after firing. For those caps that tend to stick to the nipple insert a small screwdriver or similar tool through one of the vent holes and lift the cap from the nipple by the flange as shown.


We thank you for choosing CVA for your Northwest muzzleloading rifle, we hope that it brings you years of joy! Please be sure to read your Owner’s Manual completely. Should you need service or have any questions regarding the safe operation of your CVA muzzleloader.

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