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Hornady Announces the Bore Driver ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet Hornady Announces the Bore Driver ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet > Hornady Announces the Bore Driver ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet

Hornady™ Announces the Bore Driver ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet

It’s the moment that muzzleloader hunters everywhere have been waiting for! Hornady has officially announced the addition of a muzzleloader version of their ELD-X bullet called the Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X. ELD-X stands for Extremely Low Drag - Expanding and, as the name suggests, we believe that this technology will be highly effective in muzzleloading. The Bore Driver ELD-X bullet incorporates an InterLock ring that helps retain bullet weight upon target impact.

Hornady ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet

When coupled with a strengthened copper-alloy jacket, it delivers maximum penetration and expansion for the ultimate big-game performance. These bullets also feature Hornady’s Heat Shield tip that will not deteriorate due to aerodynamic heating. The Heat Shield tip allows for optimal bullet expansion, even at low velocities, making it an ideal choice for muzzleloaders. To top it all off, this system will incorporate the same highly effective polymer base that is found in the Bore Driver FTX.

Hornady ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet Ballistics

Our team has been putting animals on the ground with the centerfire version of the Hornady ELD-X bullet for many years and have been very impressed with both the terminal performance and accuracy. We are excited to have this bullet as a muzzleloader option and we are looking forward to testing these bullets as they become available. Stay tuned for more information and videos on our website and YouTube channel.

Hornady has distinguished themselves as one of the premier manufacturers of bullets in the world and we are excited to see them expanding their line of muzzleloader bullets. If you have any questions on the Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X muzzleloader bullets, or any other muzzleloading product, feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at or at 1-855 236 5000.

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