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New Muzzleloaders for 2017 New Muzzleloaders for 2017 > New Muzzleloaders for 2017

New Muzzleloaders for 2017

2016 brought us very few new muzzleloader models. This year, manufacturers are looking to ‘Make Muzzleloading Great Again’, with a slew of new models to choose from.  Traditions added several great new models in their inline, traditional, and pistol selections, as well as an awesome new cannon. CVA™ is introducing a new Accura® muzzleloader, as well as expanded Nitride further in their lineup. Unfortunately, Thompson Center™ and Lyman™ have not included any new models for 2017, and both have chosen to keep all 2016 models as well.


The biggest news from CVA™ is the NEW Accura PR® (Plains Rifle), which features an MR-style stock, with a 28” fluted, Nitride Bergara™ barrel. For 2016, offered a ‘Signature Series’ Accura MR® with a black stock and Nitride barrel; for 2017, CVA™ has decided to bring this model into the catalog and mass produce this model. Another addition to the CVA™ lineup is a Nitride Wolf®, which will allow more budget-minded hunters to enjoy the durability and longevity that has been prevalent in the Nitride guns. 

CVA Accura Plains Rifle

The Accura® series has been the top selling muzzleloader for several years running, and with this new addition, we are sure that this muzzleloader will continue to reign! The Accura Plains Rifle® will combine the Mountain Rifle-style stock, with a longer barrel, which many customers have been asking for. The 28-inch Nitride-treated Bergara™ barrel will provide excellent accuracy out to 300 yards. This new muzzleloader will feature either a Realtree™ Max 1® or black synthetic finish on the stock. If you would like more information on the CVA Accura PR®, CLICK HERE

CVA Accura MR - Blackout

The CVA™ Accura MR® Blackout muzzleloader was a limited run from, and was successful enough to be included in CVA’s 2017 lineup. This muzzleloader was popular for years with the Realtree™ Max 1® camo, but we had many customers requesting a non-camo version. This is the perfect muzzleloader for the person wanting a compact, durable, and accurate muzzleloader, but looking for a more classic look of a black stock, instead of the standard camo finish. If you would like more information on the CVA™ Accura MR® Blackout, CLICK HERE

CVA Wolf Nitride

The Nitride finish has become the industry standard, with all the major manufacturers offering the finish in their lineup for the past several years. For 2017, CVA™ has expanded the Nitride offerings to the Wolf®, which will feature the benefits of Nitride at a lower price than ever. The Wolf® has always been one of CVA's top-selling models, with a budget price point, in a solid platform. If you would like more information on the CVA Wolf Nitride, CLICK HERE


Traditions™ added Nitride to their Vortek® models in 2016, which was a welcome addition. For 2017, Traditions is offering a more compact model of their top-performing Vortek StrikerFire®. The StrikerFire BackCountry® and will be an excellent muzzleloader for carrying in the mountains and dense woods. Also new for 2017, Traditions™ has released several new models in their Single Action Revolver line. These new models will feature intricate engraving, as well as several different handle designs. A new Hawken model will also make it’s way into the lineup for 2017, called the Prairie Hawken®. The Prairie Hawken® will be a high-end version of the traditional Hawken Woodsman®, and is a beautiful and practical muzzleloader. The popular PA Pellet® rifle will also get a makeover for 2017, with a new barrel design that shaves over a pound of weight from this muzzleloader. 

Traditions Vortek StrikerFire BackCountry

The StrikerFire BackCountry® is a compact and easy-to-carry muzzleloader, designed for the mobile hunter. The 26” fluted Nitride barrel shaves off over a pound of weight, bringing this muzzleloader to a 5.9-pound total weight, which is by far the lightest in the class. The StrikerFire® hammer system has been a great piece of technology, which works very well with gloves and colder weather. The Vortek BackCountry® will be offered in Realtree™ Xtra® and Kryptek™ Highlander Reduced® camo patterns. If you would like more information on the Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry®, CLICK HERE

Traditions PA Pellet Ultralight

The Traditions™ PA Pellet Ultralight® is specifically designed for the late Pennsylvania Flintlock muzzleloader season. This muzzleloader features fiber optic sights, a 1:28” twist rate designed to shoot modern projectiles, and a removable breech plug for ease of cleaning. For 2017, Traditions™ has updated the PA Pellet® with a new barrel, which will shave over a pound of weight from the front of the gun, which will produce a more balanced feel. The other popular upgrade to this muzzleloader is the addition of a Nitride treatment on the barrel. This will significantly aid barrel life and cleaning. The PA Pellet Ultralight® will continue to be offered in a left-handed version as well. If you would like more information on the Traditions™ PA Pellet Ultralight®, CLICK HERE

Traditions Prairie Hawken

The Hawken has been one of the most popular and iconic muzzleloading models of all time. For 2017, the Traditions™ Prairie Hawken® is the newest remake of this classic muzzleloader. This muzzleloader will be offered in both flintlock and percussion ignition, as well as the option to build as a kit, or purchase as an assembled rifle. This premium muzzleloader will feature a two-tenon design, steel sights, 1:48” twist, and a Black-Chrome finish on the accents. If you would like more information on the Traditions™ Prairie Hawken® muzzleloaders, CLICK HERE.

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