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New Muzzleloaders for 2020 New Muzzleloaders for 2020 > New Muzzleloaders for 2020

New Muzzleloaders for 2020

Each year, our team travels to SHOT Show in Las Vegas to check out all of the new muzzleloader offerings. This year, there were several new muzzleloaders to note, as well as some welcome refreshments to some current models. Traditions™ had the most notable new muzzleloader and unveiled the NitroFire, while CVA™ updated the Accura models, as well as released two new Paramount Pro models. Thompson/Center™ didn’t have anything to add this year, and Lyman is planning to add some new traditional models later in the year.

Traditions NitroFire Muzzleloader

Starting out with the most noteworthy and exciting new gun, the Traditions NitroFire has garnered a lot of attention throughout the industry. At SHOT Show Range Day, this gun was praised by many industry colleagues and writers for being innovative, accurate, and easy to use. The new NitroFire muzzleloader uses the Federal FireStick muzzleloading propellant and completely revamps muzzleloading. The best new feature of this gun is increased safety and simplified reloading and cleaning processes. The Federal FireStick allows your powder to stay completely dry and completely eliminates the dreaded crud ring associated with other black powder propellants. All in all, we consider the NitroFire to be an excellent muzzleloader for anyone just getting into the sport or the casual hunter who wants a simple and easy-to-use muzzleloader.


Traditions NitroFire Muzzleloader

CVA Paramount Pro

While this gun was already leaked in the fall of 2019, the CVA Paramount Pro ended up getting a lot of attention and press at SHOT Show 2020. This new muzzleloader takes the CVA Paramount to a whole new level, adding a TriggerTech trigger, Greyboe stock, and CeraKote finish. The Paramount Pro’s are also going to ship with a collapsible carbon fiber ramrod. Available in fast twist .45 and .50 calibers, the Paramount Pro’s are the ultimate muzzleloaders for someone looking to extend their range.


CVA Paramount Pro Muzzleloader


CVA Accura Updates

The CVA Accura has been our top-selling muzzleloader for several years, so we were excited to see the new options that were released. All of the camouflaged, Nitride muzzleloaders now also feature a Burnt Bronze CeraKote finish. Additionally, the Accura Long Range is now offered with Veil Widelands camo, which looks amazing with the CeraKote barrel and receiver. CVA has been working on perfecting the bond between Nitride and CeraKote for several years, and believes this makes their guns the most durable and weather-resistant muzzleloaders on the market! Overall, our whole team really loved the look of these new CVA Accura models!

CVA Accura V2 LR


Traditions Kentucky Rifle Deluxe Muzzleloader

The traditional muzzleloaders from Traditions have always been a huge hit with our customers, and we were especially excited to see these new sidelocks. The Kentucky Deluxe takes the traditional Kentucky Rifle up a notch, adding a double set trigger, as well as a brass patch box. This new model is available as a finished muzzleloader or a DIY kit.


Traditions Kentucky Rifle Deluxe Muzzleloader


Lyman Great Plains Premium

Lyman has been known for building great muzzleloaders, and their Great Plains series has always been one of our favorite side locks. Later this year, Lyman will be releasing a few new models of the Great Plains, but they will be built by Pedersoli. Lyman’s goal is to bring to market a new top-quality muzzleloader, at a more affordable price point than other high-end muzzleloaders. Pedersoli has always been known for the highest quality fit-and-finish muzzleloaders. As we have more information, we will be sure to update you!


Federal FireStick Muzzleloading Charges 

While the Federal FireStick isn’t a muzzleloader, this new propellant is certainly worth talking about. For 2020, this new powder charge will only be available in the Traditions NitroFire platform. The FireStick adds additional levels of safety to muzzleloading, as well as making the cleaning and loading process incredibly simple and quick. Filled with a new Hodgdon Triple 8 powder, this charge will be available in 100 and 120-grain equivalents and will produce velocities comparable or better than the other top black powder substitutes. We were really impressed with the NitroFire and FireStick products, and we look forward to getting our hands on them to test them in the coming months!


Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Propellent

Overall, 2020 is going to be another exciting year with these new muzzleloading offerings. The Paramount Pro and NitroFire are certainly going to bring new shooters into muzzleloading, with the long-range aspect of the Paramount Pro, and the safety and simplicity of the NitroFire. If you have any questions about these products or anything else muzzleloader related, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service staff at 1-855-236-5000, or email at

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