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Muzzle-Loaders Brass Nipple Pick - MZ1582

Muzzle-Loaders Brass Nipple Pick - MZ1582

All brass construction to resist corrosion
Works with all 209 ignition systems

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The™ Universal Nipple Pick makes it easy to remove any debris that hinders your rifles ignition. This specialized breech pick is built to clean the fire channel in modern 209 breech plugs. Durable and easy to use, the breech pick's brass wire won't cause any spark. The nipple pick comes with heavy-duty wire mounted in a solid brass handle and works perfectly on all blackpowder rifles.

The Muzzle-Loaders Nipple Pick ensures that you reduce misfires, and are always ready to take down your game.


1. Extend the pick using your finger, pushing the set screw towards the end of the tube.

2. Carefully insert the pick into the nipple orifice to remove any debris which may block the opening and prevent ignition.

3. Retract the pick by sliding the set screw back towards the top of the tube.

***Do not use the nipple pick when the firearm is loaded. Always exercise caution when handling firearms.


Brass Construction
Works on 209 Breech Plugs


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